Five cardinal axioms of practicing “Modern Medicine” (un)successfully

Five cardinal axioms of practicing “Modern Medicine” (un)successfully

Somehow the concept of Evidence based medication (EBM )never excited me personally in spite of great strides it offers made. Most likely the main reason for that is, EBMs origin, quality, and credibility is severely compromised. (in it too ! though it seems to ooze science 24/7 and work out us believe) Herewith, sharing a few of the forbidden thoughts(with lots of pun) for a (un)successful practice of EBM. This is definitely not meant for young and novice medical professionals. Strictly for the people who is able to segregate feeling from non (S)

Evidence-based Doubting

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Yes, Its “evidence-based fun”. Forget dozens of anti-platelet trial dramas … showing in the cardiovascular theatres near you . There is only 1 drug that is genuine that’s the great old humble Aspirin . Mind you ,none of other actors can be imagined for ever main avoidance.

In addition , there is absolutely no debate for the part of Aspirin in additional avoidance after established CAD.(We know , how Aspirin has brought up a role that is critically integral saving the life of this stents along with patients, post PCI)

Oh , just what a disgrace with this drug when considering from the glamorous cath lab areas.

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